About The Good Us

The Good Us is a commercial business with a social mission: Help save the planet, one purchase at a time!

Our Vision

We are a group of people that jumped down the “save the planet rabbit hole” and haven’t come out the other side. We all went through phases of being worried sick for the future of this planet and decided to actively do something about it.

We are product developers, ecommerce entrepreneurs and tech developers by experience, and as such we have a deep understanding of shopping, products and technology. So we had a long think about what we could do and eventually it came to us naturally…it is what is closest to home - the decisions we take each and every day when we spend money on the things we need.

We believe that every choice made and every pound spent, is a vote for the kind of world you want to live in. That’s why we started The Good Us - a sustainability scoring tool that helps you take smarter & more conscious purchasing decisions whenever you are after a new piece for your wardrobe. We hope it will become your loyal shopping assistant on all things fashion.