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Brand Sustainability Effort
Gucci has made a public commitment to reduce carbon emissions but it uses exotic animal products
6 Out of 10
Raw Material

This product is made primarily from Econyl.

Econyl is manufacturing using plastic waste as raw material. Plastic waste is regenerated into Nylon fibre saving up to 70000 barrels of crude oil and avoiding 57100 tonnes of CO2 emissions. It also reduces of 80% the impact on global warming comparatively to oil based fibres.So its eco impact is  high eco impact.

8 Out of 10
This product received a poor rating for production due to a lack of transparency with regards to it's production.
8 Out of 10
This product has a relatively low transport footprint.
8 Out of 10
2nd use
This product contains upcycled components. Extending the life of clothes offers the greatest overall potential across carbon, water, and waste targets. This can be achieved by designing clothes to be more durable, and by encouraging re-use through sales of second hand clothing or through recycling.
10 Out of 10