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Primary Materials
Polyester, PET
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Ecoalf creates clothing and accessories made entirely from recycled material
7 Out of 10
Raw Material

This product is made primarily from Polyester and PET.

Polyester fibre is manufactured using comparatively carbon intensive non-renewable sources and involves an extensive chemical process. It is associated to microplastic releases in water during after-use care. It is not biodegradable but is recyclable. So eco impact is high.

Polyethylene Plastic (PE), that usually comes in two types HDPE (High Density PE) or LDPE (Low density PE), is associated with comparatively low impact on water pollution, fossil fuel depletion, global warming footprint and it is easily recyclable, but not biodegradable. Eco impact is high.

6 Out of 10
This product received a poor rating for production due to a lack of transparency with regards to it's production.
3 Out of 10
This product received a poor rating due to a lack of transparency with regards to transport.
3 Out of 10
2nd use
This product contains recycled components. Extending the life of clothes offers the greatest overall potential across carbon, water, and waste targets. This can be achieved by designing clothes to be more durable, and by encouraging re-use through sales of second hand clothing or through recycling.
10 Out of 10