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Product image for Stella McCartney + NET SUSTAIN The '70s high-rise flared jeans
Stella McCartney
Primary Materials
Organic cotton, Natural Rubber
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Brand Sustainability Effort
Stella McCartney has made a public commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
7 Out of 10
Raw Material

This product is made primarily from Organic cotton and Natural Rubber.

Organic cotton still has a comparatively very high water footprint and land use. Finishings and dyes on organic cotton also contribute to water and environmental pollution. However it is a lot more eco-friendly than conventional cotton. Thus it has a low eco impact.

Natural Rubber despite being biodegradable is mainly produced in Southern Asian countries, where its manufacturing is associated with comparatively high water pollution footprint and unmanaged waste. Still eco impact is low.

8 Out of 10
This product received a poor rating for production due to a lack of transparency with regards to it's production.
8 Out of 10
This product has a relatively low transport footprint.
8 Out of 10
2nd use
This product has an extended lifespan. Extending the life of clothes offers the greatest overall potential across carbon, water, and waste targets. This can be achieved by designing clothes to be more durable, and by encouraging re-use through sales of second hand clothing or through recycling.
10 Out of 10