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Primary Materials
Recycled cotton, Acrylic
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Brand Sustainability Effort
Mango is not taking adequate steps to manage water use in its supply chain
4 Out of 10
Raw Material

This product is made primarily from Recycled cotton and Acrylic.

Recycled cotton compared to conventional cotton requires about 55% less water, it reduces by  66% the energy consumption and by 35% greenhouse gas emissions. Despite being biodegradable, can be finished with chemicals that can hinder its biodegradability. So eco impact is low.

Acrylic fibre is made at least of 85% acrylonitrile, its production is related to fossil fuels depletion.  The manufacturing of this fibre also releases toxic fumes in the atmosphere. Acrylic fibres takes up to 200 years to biodegrade and acrylic items washed at home release high quantities of micro plastics that contribute to water pollution. So eco impact is high eco impact.

7 Out of 10
This product received a poor rating for production due to a lack of transparency with regards to it's production.
3 Out of 10
This product received a poor rating due to a lack of transparency with regards to transport.
3 Out of 10
2nd use
This product contains recycled components. Extending the life of clothes offers the greatest overall potential across carbon, water, and waste targets. This can be achieved by designing clothes to be more durable, and by encouraging re-use through sales of second hand clothing or through recycling.
10 Out of 10